Food Bank

The Food Bank of Madrid is a non-profit charity organization whose purpose is to collect free food to distribute it, also free of charge, among charities dedicated to the assistance and direct care of people in need within the Community of Madrid.

The Food Bank is a member of the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL) , which currently groups 54 Food Banks from all over Spain, and through it to the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA) , which includes 271 Food Banks across Europe.

Founded on September 1st, 1994, the Food Bank of Madrid was registered and approved on September 15th, 1994 by the Government Delegation of Madrid, with Provincial Registry number 14,713, and registered in the Registry of Social Action Entities and Social Services of the Community of Madrid with the number E 1318.

It was registered in the Registry of Foundations of the Community of Madrid with personal sheet number 237 in volume XXVII, sheets 101 to 116, dated September 12th, 2000, and CIF (Fiscal identification code) G-82698614.

Our Mision

Raise awareness in society and promote its solidarity to face the problems caused by hunger, unemployment, family abandonment, food waste and, in general, the lack of the necessary resources to live a life in accordance with human dignity. Collaborate to solve these problems, trying to alleviate their effects with distribution of free food.

Our Values

The Food Bank of Madrid Foundation pledges with regard to:



Any Food Bank belonging to the Federation must comply with

  1. 1. Food Banks are apolitical and non-denominational.
  2. 2. Members of the governing bodies will not be remunerated at any time.
  3. 3. The percentage of paid staff will be minimal.
  4. 4.The presence of public positions of special relevance in Banks will be avoided.
  5. 5. The food that is received in the Banks will be solely destined to charities, avoiding another destination.
  6. 6. In no case, will any financial compensation be requested directly or indirectly to the charities it serves.
  7. 7.The destination of the donations will be documentary justified.
  8. 8. The satisfaction of volunteers and an adequate work environment are among the objectives of the organization.
  9. 9. Special attention will be paid to the information and participation of the members of the entity.
  10. 10. The promotion of the spirit of solidarity, sobriety and responsible consumption are values ​​and objectives of Food Banks.



The Board of Trustees of the Foundation is composed of:


D. Francisco García González


D. Pablo Prada Hernández

Second Vicepresident

D. Cándido Casal Pérez

General Secretary

Dª Mª Esther Cabrero Loinaz

Member Patron

Dª Milagros Benito Tapia

Dª Almudena Castellano Lasa

Dª Gema Escrivá de Romaní

D. Carlos Llaca García-Alfonso

D. Manuel Olivo Miguel del Corral

Dª Ana Rosa Ormaechea Landa

Dª Mª del Carmen Polo Sánchez

Honor Patron

D. Abelardo Alonso de Porres

D. Heliodoro Pérez Carbonell

CEO Gema Escrivá de Romaní


The Food Bank of Madrid has its headquarters and a warehouse in a premises, freely donated by the Community of Madrid, at the Colegio San Fernando, located at 'Carretera de Colmenar, km 13,600. Madrid '.

In Mercamadrid we use some warehouses donated by the Head of this organization, where the Madrid Food Bank collects and distributes perishable food, mostly fruits and vegetables, donated by the settlers installed there, as well as frozen food received from other donors.

The South Metropolitan Delegation is located In Alcorcón (Madrid), in a new warehouse built on a plot of land ceded by the Alcorcon City Council. In this delegation, food is distributed to the receiving Entities located in the Madrid South Metropolitan area .

The Delegation of the Henares Corridor is located in Alcalá de Henares, in a warehouse built on a plot of land ceded by the Alcala de Henares City Council. This warehouse is the Bank's regulatory warehouse for stocks; from here, food is distributed to the receiving Entities located in the Henares Corridor area.