What do we do


The Bank receives food supplies from various sources

Non-perishable food donated by companies, either marketable or not (for reasons like: labeling problems, excess production, close to the best-before date or expiry date, etc.), but safe for consumption.

Fruits and vegetables supplied by agricultural companies under the European Union Food Withdrawal Program. These mean an important support for the food we distribute, both for the quantity (almost 30%), as for its nutritional value. As they are perishable foods, they require very precise supply and delivery logistics.

The Food Bank organizes Kilo Operations in supermarkets, companies and schools. In addition to collecting food, they aim to raise awareness of the problem of hunger in our society. At schools, it's also intended to create a conscience in children for solidarity and against food waste.

Surpluses and donations from different wholesalers, mostly fruits and vegetables, are collected in warehouses given up by Mercamadrid, from where food is directly distributed to different Charity Entities. Currently, frozen foods from other donors are also distributed .

Regularly, the EU assignes a budget which is destined, among others, to food aid for the most disadvantaged people in the different countries belonging to it. More information.

In 2018, the VI Edition of the campaign took place on November 30th, December 1st and 2nd. 20,500 volunteers collaborated in 1,105 establishments of 29 different food chains. 3,500 volunteers helped with the classification of the 2,852,000 kg. collected.


The Food Bank of Madrid delivers the food it receives to Social Entities, who give it out directly to people struggling with hunger. These entities are:

  • Feeding centers
  • Centers offering free breakfast and/or snacks
  • Nursing homes for the elderly, youth or children
  • Residences or specialized centers
  • Foster homes
  • Batch distribution centers (Foundations, Associations, City Halls, Catholic Parishes and Churches of other religious confession)